Tips to improve customer unboxing experience with custom mailer boxes

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Have you ever tried to improve customer unboxing experience? Or are you one of those who have heard of this for the first time and are intrigued to know more? Well, in both cases no worries. In this blog, we will tell you what unboxing experience is and why you need to improve it for your customer.

Unboxing experience basically talks about the customer experience when they are opening the product you send them. It is a time when your packaging is basically setting an impression on your customers. This is the time when you make or break the customer. If your unboxing experience makes the customer happy then they will definitely buy from you again, but if your flat box has left them unsatisfied then you have lost a valuable customer.

Most people do not pay any attention to the unboxing experience when they are making their packaging and this is where they make a grave mistake. We implore our readers to take unboxing experience seriously into account and work on improving it overtime.

Unboxing experience: A thing or not?

Unboxing experience is definitely a thing. Mailer boxes also provide an unboxing experience for sure. Today, marketers believe that the customer should honestly enjoy opening the parcel that you send them. When customers spend their money, they want the brands to value them and satisfy their reason of spending the money in the first place. The unboxing experience is the first step where your customer starts making their mind about your product. If you are not able to impress them here then it may create a very negative image of your product for sure. Unboxing experience became popular with the rise in PR which stands for Product Reviews.

Under the intense focus of a camera the unboxing has been made into fun activity and people assume that it is fun. Now brands are responsible for keeping up a good image by providing the customers what they require in the first place. Giving an excellent packaging experience will indeed make your customer loyal to your brand.

Putting in effort to improve customer unboxing experience is highly important. You can use a number of tricks to improve the customer unboxing experience with custom mailer boxes. Mailer packaging may be pretty unconventional, but getting your customer excited about it is not difficult. In-fact, a few well placed tips will definitely help you in improving your customer experience. So, don’t just exist the page. Keep on reading to find out how you can make the unboxing experience pleasant and gay for your customers with custom mailer box packaging.

Tips to improve your customer experience for real with custom mailer boxes

There are a few tips through which you can improve your overall customer unboxing experience with custom mailer boxes. Here are those as follows;

  • Mailer packaging needs to have some thrill to it. To make your unboxing experience thrilling you can use mailer boxes with fancy and intricate designs. The top lid may be intricate to open or be plain depending on how much thrill you want your customer to experience. Other than this, add some unique patterns to your packaging. Using the same old plain brown boxes will not improve customer unboxing experience and so it needs to be avoided at all costs. You might want to add value you’re packaging so that customers look forward to ordering from you. Otherwise, unboxing experience may become boring altogether.
  • Colored mailer boxes will also help you in improving your unboxing experience.  Mailer boxes are awesome for creating a good impression on the customer. You can use mailer packaging which is made with eye-catching, attractive colors. It will aid you in putting a great impression on your consumers and enhance their customer unboxing experience. Do you know that colors lift up your mood? Using colored mailer packaging will give a high-end feel to your product and make it look more expensive than it actually is. So don’t hesitate in using colored mailer packaging because this will improve the customer unboxing experience.
  • Eco-friendly mailer boxes are another way to impress your customer. Environment friendly packaging is ever-green. It allows you to always be in trend. Eco-friendly mailer boxes are amazing in their own way. They allow you to avoid pressure groups and gain favor of customers as well as the government. Eco-friendly packaging is famous and quite trendy today. It attracts customers and compel them to buy your products faster than anything. Eco-friendly packaging is a must have. It is considered to be excellent .
  • Custom mailer boxes are customized. You can change the shape, design or pattern of it. Using custom packaging in itself is a tip. Custom mailer boxes will aid you in putting something unique to them. This will gain you a lot of attention from customers. Moreover, you will be able to set yourself apart in more ways than you can imagine. Compet9will also feel envious of your new mailer packaging. We are the supporters of custom packaging as it is excellent for all sorts of mailer boxes. Adding something unique will improve customer unboxing experience of your customers and they will want to buy from your brand. This is also another reason why custom packaging is so popular amongst brands.
  • You can add something unique in the mailer boxes as well. How about adding a surprised gift in it or giving a gift card. You might also add a thank you note. Coupons or discount offers also make the customer feel special. Try adding new and improved safety latches. Inner packaging can also be changed. You can also try putting in some bubble sheets or ribbons. This will definitely impress your customer for sure. Putting something a little extra will take you far in terms of customer satisfaction and building a strong impression.

Are you ready to improve your customer unboxing experience?

Are you ready to improve the customer unboxing brand experience? This is essential because it will aid you in increasing your brand traffic. Also, improving your customer’s unboxing experience will lead to increasing customer satisfaction.  So, you should invest in custom mailer packaging. Customization gives you a wide berth to play around with your packaging. You can choose your own patterns and also improve the brand recognition.

To start you can see Boxes Xpert Hub. This custom box manufacture brands will aid you a lot in making custom packaging. Invest in customization as returns are quite high for it. Thus, improve your customer unboxing experience with custom mailer boxes. Ensure that you are using boxes which are durable and sturdy. Poor quality boxes always affect the customer experience in a negative way. Customers do perceive the value of your product by the packaging it comes in and poor packaging gives a very poor message to the customer and you want to avoid that at all costs. Invest in good quality packaging to provide your customers with an excellent custom mailer packaging unboxing experience which will help your brand in succeeding in a competitive market too.