Curating the Best Wedding

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By Henry Jackson

In just a few months, I’ll walk down the aisle, say “I do,” kiss my fiancé, and be married. As you can imagine, this is an extremely important moment in my life, so I want to make sure that everything goes perfectly according to plan.

Of course, weddings don’t become perfect without a little bit of work. Here are some of the things I’ll do to make my wedding the best event possible and leave a trail of smiles in our wake! 

What’s an Afterparty Without a Yacht?

Renting out a yacht is a great way to ensure that everyone feels relaxed and comfortable on our special day. Plus, it’ll allow us to celebrate in a unique way that all of my guests are guaranteed to appreciate!

The prestige and luxury of a yacht are unmatched—our guests will remember it for years to come! There will be a bar and live entertainment to set the mood. All I’ll have to do is make sure that everyone has a great time.

I’m also looking into catering companies to ensure that everyone stays well fed and hydrated throughout the day. I can’t wait to pick out the selections!

Skywriting and Fireworks, Oh My!

I’m also looking into hiring skywriting services to send a special message to my fiancé and all of our guests. I haven’t exactly figured out what I want it to say, but this service is a wonderful way to deliver a heartfelt message.

Beyond that, I also want to invest in fireworks display that will go off after the ceremony. I want this wedding to leave a lasting impression, and these services will do exactly that!

Rejuvenating with a Facelift

Of course, I want to look my best on my big day, which is why I’ve been working out and eating better. I’ve also been getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water. My body looks more toned than it ever has, and I can’t wait to take pictures to show off my hard work!

To top it all off, I’m looking into getting a facelift for a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. I know that this will make a real difference in the way I look in my pictures, and I’m sure that my fiancé will love my results.

The Right Dress

I’ve already picked out the dress I want to wear. I’ve decided to keep it traditional, and I love how classic and elegant it is. I know it’ll look absolutely perfect the day of the wedding!

The dress is a ballgown with a low neckline and sweetheart waist. It also has plenty of beading and floral detail. The fabric is light and comfortable, which makes it easy to move around in.

I had so much fun trying on different dresses, but I’m glad I found the perfect one for me!

Beautiful Flowers to Complement the Venue

I always knew that I wanted to have elaborate floral arrangements for my wedding, and I’m so happy to have settled on some gorgeous picks! I love the bright colors and unique arrangements I chose. They’re professionally designed and displayed and will make the venue look absolutely gorgeous.

There were a lot of flowers to choose from, but I decided to stick with a color scheme to tie the entire wedding together. I went for pink and white flowers at the arrangement’s base and red roses to accent it all. It looks so romantic and elegant!