Crystal Healing: A Beginners Guide To The Most Well-acknowledged Crystal Healing Techniques

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“My great aunt used to keep crystals in her inner wears. I knew about my aunt before meeting her; she said they changed depending on how she was feeling or what was going on with her. It was not very common at that time, and while I was growing up, learning about crystals certainly wasn’t mainstream. But these days, it’s unusual if you do not carry any crystals with you. I have two amethysts in my bedroom, one on either side of the bed. At night, when I am scrolling Instagram stories, I see people holding, meditating, and cleansing with their crystals. The phones must be covered with shungite crystal to reduce the radiation once you finish scrolling.” Emma Lucy is a healer who practices with crystals. She describes herself as a physic, a clairvoyant, a Clair everything, a healer.

Crystal healing is an art that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Celebrities are said to preach practicing crystal healing to get rid of their stage fright. Some very popular ones like Himalayan Pink Salt lamps have been seen as a mood booster and are currently the best-selling home improvement products.

There are various crystal healing techniques for various ailments. Some of them are discussed, therefore:

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It is a Japanese energy healing technique. It does not directly cure any disease or illness, but it stimulates your natural healing ability.

In the process, the practitioner places their hands directly on you or just above you to stimulate the natural healing process.

Reiki is said to reduce pain and cbd for anxiety. Several types of research have proved that distant reiki, in addition to medical care, lowers the level of pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

Reiki on cesarean women helps to reduce the pain, stress, and breathing rate in women after 1-2 days of delivery.

Reiki is said to relieve lower back pain for people with herniated disks.

Reiki is said to heal depression and enhance the mood and mental well-being of the person.


The role of acupressure has been a key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. It is still a testimony to the effectiveness of treating various pains and illnesses by sending a signal to the body through a needle or other mechanisms to turn on its self-healing mechanisms. Acupressure is an effective form of stimulation that can help relax functional imbalances and restore the flow to return the body to its natural healing capacities.

Learning about crystals is a natural way to discover yourself and heal your aura while helping others to heal and discover themselves by aligning their natural chakras of the body to heal themselves.

If you want to start with the journey on how to learn about crystals, it’s never too late to begin since it’s a journey to heal of the insights and treading away from negativity and toxicity.