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How many currencies should be in your portfolio

There isn’t any consensus regarding the number of assets or cryptocurrencies that should be considered in the portfolio of an investor. But, according to a study with more than 100,000 backrests could get the most from about 20 assets.

With the 20 assets that make up a bitcoin portfolio the need for an application or program that allows investors to track their investments is needed.


Portfolio management is the process of allocating a specific quantity of funds to different financial investment options. Bitcoin is among the more widely known cryptocurrency. They are decentralized and electronic alternatives to government-issued cash.


Investors can use portfolio monitors to track their portfolios. They do not have to sign in to multiple accounts. They can manage all their crypto assets all in one location.

Investors can track their profits and losses on all of their bitcoin investments by using these trackers. They also can monitor the market’s real-time values in addition to setting up crucial alerts.

In light of the amount of downloads as well as the star rating from Google Play, we compiled the following list of cryptocurrency portfolio trackers.

Million downloads, and a 4.8-star score for the Blockfolio.

Delta has had over 500 000 downloads and has earned a 4.5-star rating.

CMA 4.5-star assessment with more than 500 000 downloads.

Coin Stats App has more than 100,000 downloads and has a 4.5-star score in Google Play.

Over 100,000 downloaded, and an 4.6-star evaluation on Bit Universe.

Although there are many similar applications, these five bitcoin portfolio monitors are the ones with the highest downloads. While each one has distinct abilities, all offer market price updates to users.

They also offer consumers an overview of how they perform on their investments which saves both time and effort. Portfolios of cryptocurrency investors could vary from three to more than twenty cryptocurrency assets.

It is lots of effort to track each one and it can be confusing at times. This is why bitcoin portfolio trackers can be useful tools for investors that want to track all of their investments at a single location.


Dollarcost Averaging (DCA) can be described as an investment method that requires the total amount invested is split into periodic purchases of the specific asset to minimize the effect of fluctuations on the overall purchase. The acquisitions are scheduled regularly and without regard to the value of the asset.


According to a study conducted in 2012 conducted by Vanguard that compared investing in one lump sum in comparison to. dollar-cost-averaging gave better results by 66 percent of time.

The research revealed that , the more long the period the more likely that investing all of the money at once beats dollar-cost Averaging.

If we assume we have a 100-dollar investment portfolio. The portfolio currently has five distinct assets that each have an estimated value of $20. This means that we could say that the portfolio currently has five assets that are all allocated 20 percent each.