Crimean deputies prefer cars from Germany and Japan

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And this is not surprising – the situation requires prestigious cars. It is much more interesting that according to the parliamentary declarations, which were analyzed by the Telegram channel “Territory of Crimea”, some people’s deputies still have “Zaporozhtsy”, “Slavuta” and “Tavriya” in their garages.

Crimean deputies have their own Ukrainian-made cars 1.5%. They have the same number of “Chinese”. And what kind of cars do Russians buy? For the last 10 years, domestic cars and budget “Koreans” have been the invariable leaders in sales, but the Crimean deputies-car enthusiasts have completely different preferences, as already noted above. 60% of the deputy’s vehicle fleet is made up of cars made in Germany and Japan, but only 14% of our elected representatives decided to support the domestic manufacturer. The deputies have few English cars, but they are the most expensive – not everyone can afford it.