Creating the Perfect Mountain Escape

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You’ve found a dream property in your favorite mountains, but the house needs a bit of updating. What can you do to improve the aesthetics of your new home? Here are some tips to create a gorgeous mountain escape that features on-trend design and enhances the beautiful environment you find yourself in.

Natural Light

When it comes to pulling inspiration from a mountain interior designer Boulder CO, natural light is key. The windows should be as large as possible to frame out the amazing landscape right outside your door. Natural light makes everything look more appealing and cozy.


A variety of textures can increase the visual interest of a room. Leather, stone, and wood can all be used to enhance the architecture of your space while soft blankets and pillows can soften the edges.


Going to the mountains evokes images of curling up with a book near a fireplace. Take advantage of this space in your home by making it the focal point of your living room. Use stone or wood elements to increase the natural feel of the home. A large mantle can be used to enhance a rustic feel.

Natural Colors

Have a color palette inspired by the environment outside your window. Neutral colors can be highly effective when paired with pops of color and interesting textures.

Outdoor Space

Connecting the indoor space and outdoor space through the use of porches and patios on a mountain home helps increase the living space and provides a flow that inspires the wonder of nature on the interior of the home. Use everything at your disposal to optimize the natural environment your house is surrounded by.

Creating a warm and inviting mountain home can be a fun design opportunity. Use these tips to enhance the aesthetic design of your home so you can enjoy it for years to come.