Couples in love use the same styles when texting

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American philologists have identified the peculiarity of communication between people who love each other, both in oral and written speech.

In the course of the study, linguists found that a person, adapting to his soul mate, adopts the features of her speech. They studied the communication style of couples in love and compared their styles of writing messages in instant messengers. The research results are published in the Journal of Communication.

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The experiment involved 82 people. Scientists have analyzed over one million messages in the correspondence of 41 young student couples. It turned out that most people in romantic relationships use the same language constructs. Moreover, both women and men, in written communication, borrowed words-parasites from each other.

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Philologists have come to the conclusion that the reason for copying the style is the assessment of the prospects of the relationship. Wanting to please a partner, a person adapts to his style of communication and adopts the style of correspondence.