Cosmonaut Artemyev spoke about his favorite food in space

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Pilot-cosmonaut of the ISS crew, Hero of Russia Oleg Artemyev called cottage cheese with nuts the most delicious food in space. He told about this in the official group of the youth forum “Mashuk-2020” “VKontakte” on 12 August.

“In fact, this is the most delicious. <...> We consider it as a currency. You can exchange shrimp, crabs for this cottage cheese from the Americans, what we don’t have. Or save it, not eat it, and then, when a colleague has a birthday, you give him all this cottage cheese, and this is the best gift, “Artemyev said during an online meeting with participants in the Mashuk-2020 forum.

According to him, the cottage cheese delivered to the ISS is packed in a bag, not in a tube, and it comes in different tastes: with sea buckthorn, black currant, with nuts. It needs to be diluted with hot water. “In fact, you can gnaw it anyway, it is also tasty,” the astronaut said.

Artemyev also spoke about preparations for space flights, emergency situations on board the spacecraft and the ISS, the psychology of interpersonal relations in extraterrestrial space, the peculiarities of nutrition in zero gravity, and the prospects for the career of astronauts.

The Mashuk Forum has been held in Pyatigorsk since 2010. “Mashuk-2020” runs from 10 to 26 August, the best participants according to the results of the first shifts will get on the fourth full-time shift, which is scheduled for September 2020.

Earlier, in June, the Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov spoke about the kind of entertainment in space.

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