Coronavirus last week “liberated” 7 municipalities of the Tula region

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The day before, on April 19, the government of the Tula region held a meeting of the operational headquarters to combat coronavirus in the region. Within the framework of the meeting, the head of the Rospotrebnadzor department, Alexander Lomovtsev, made a speech. He said that 5,037 cases of ARVI were registered in the region last week. This figure is 46% less than the one that was recorded a week earlier.

The number of cases of community-acquired pneumonia is gradually decreasing. The incidence of coronavirus over the past week was 531 cases, which is also lower than the previous figure. Alexander Lomovtsev noted that no cases of coronavirus were recorded in seven municipalities of the Tula region during the specified period.

There is information about the detection of cases of covid in seven educational institutions. Seven more foci of coronavirus disease were recorded at industrial enterprises. There is no mass spread of the virus in schools and organizations.

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