Control over road signs will be returned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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The government commission approved amendments to the law “On the organization of road traffic”, which return control over road signs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This was reported on April 19 by the Kommersant newspaper.

According to the initiative, the authorities at all levels will be required to coordinate with the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – the traffic police on the arrangement of signs, traffic lights, markings and cameras on the roads. It is noted that this procedure was excluded from the powers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2013 and transferred to local authorities.

The amendments propose to exclude approval for signs on emergency recovery work after an emergency and an accident, if traffic is limited for a period of no more than two days, as well as on mass events on the roads that last no more than a day.

The amendments also provide for the simplification of notifying citizens about new paid parking lots. This also eliminates the need to inform the population through periodicals. If the amendments are adopted, the authorities will be able to report on paid parking only via the Internet, writes

According to the newspaper, the government commission “as a whole” approved the bill and recommended it for consideration at a government meeting.

On April 5, it was reported that Russia began testing a new method of fixing the speed. We are talking about electronic road signs, which, depending on changes in the weather, make it possible to correct information about speed limits on an electronic board.

In Russia, on March 1, amendments to the Road Traffic Rules came into force, according to them a new sign will be installed on the country’s roads, which warns of the presence of an automatic photo-video camera. Prior to that, the drivers were only informed about this by signs with a picture of a camera.