Control checks continue in the RF Armed Forces

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Control military checks in the military command and control bodies, as well as formations and military units, continue in accordance with the training plan of the Russian Armed Forces. This was announced on Tuesday, April 20, by the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry.

It is specified that during April it is planned to hold 4048 exercises of various scales: 812 bilateral exercises at 101 training grounds and 520 facilities of the training and material base. Military training is carried out on the territory of all military districts of the Northern Fleet, regions of the Far North, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka.

In the west of the Russian Federation, servicemen of the Western Military District (ZVO) and the Northern Fleet, whose number exceeded one thousand people, took part in tactical exercises for the first time. The military of the Sevastopol brigade of the Western Military District and the Pechenga Motorized Rifle Arctic Brigade of the Northern Fleet trained in repelling the offensive and destroying the objects of the conditional enemy.

The infantry was supported by artillerymen, who, in turn, with the help of fire from self-propelled guns and towed guns, destroyed an advancing column of armored vehicles and command posts of a potential enemy.

More than a thousand servicemen, about a hundred units of weapons and military equipment were involved in the military exercises, including Mi-8 combat helicopters, new T-80 BVM tanks, as well as Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles, 120-mm mortars 2B-11.

The day before, on April 19, large military exercises started in the Arctic with the use of ships, autonomous submarines and air defense under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

It is noted that at the first stages of the exercises, the organs of the Northern Military Fleet, formations, formations and individual military units are brought to an increased degree of combat readiness.