Content Research for Online Courses

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With the growth in educational technology, online teaching platforms are increasing rapidly too. It offers better flexibility, convenience, comfort, cost-effectiveness, and working opportunities. This has increased the competition in the e-learning field and course creators. Every educator wants to make an online course that is most preferred by the audience, win the competitive race, and achieve success in all aspects. 

To achieve these goals and expand the sales of your course, the one main step to perform is content research. The better the content creation, the more effective your course becomes for learners. Let us discuss some steps that you can follow to do the necessary research for creating the best study content for your course. This will surely help to level up your course in the market. 

How to do content research for your online course 

  1. Know your audience and their needs

Knowing the target audience is the best step to be done before you start researching the content. You should first know who your target audience is, what their needs are, and their objectives so that you can produce content accordingly. Without proper knowledge about this, your course will lack quality, and benefits and will be of no use to the audience.  By knowing your audience, you will be able to m effective course content and help learners to achieve their learning goals. Conduct survey forms on your online course selling website, to collect the necessary information. Or connect with the learners via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to take feedback and suggestions. 

  1. Have an eye on your competitors

Your main aim is to do the content research. This step will help you to get a proper idea of how you will develop the best study content and expand sales of your course. To do so, checking your competitors is very important. Having content that is less effective than your competitors or of the same type won’t help in your course growth. You need to be unique, different, and the best. 

To do so, have a close eye on your e-learning competitors. Check what is the element that makes their course preferred among the audience, and what forms of content they are making. Be skeptical to find out where your competitors are lagging or making mistakes. Now grab these points to create a course content that is more valuable and rich in quality. 

  1. Explore the questions around your topic

Effective course content is something that provides learners with a proper understanding, answers their doubts, and queries, and meets their curiosity. To do so, you can explore and read the questions related to your course topic. On the internet visit different educational websites to read the existing content on your course.

 Do keyword research to know what type of questions are searched by the learners related to your course topic. This will help you to know some great insights. LinkedIn and Quora are some of the effective social media platforms that can be used in this regard. Here you can read the relevant and popular questions raised by the learners. Now, you should create a course that answers all these questions and learner needs. 

  1. Conduct surveys

Another way for content research is to conduct surveys. On your course selling websites or on social media accounts, start conducting surveys. Make sure to keep the survey short and quick so that no one is reluctant to fill it up. Include questions like what are the learning needs, what an ideal study content means to them, do it should fully include audio-visual tools, and more. You can ask your other educational colleagues or friends to fill out the survey forms too. This will help in better selling courses by forming quality study content for the potential customers. 

  1. Take suggestions from your experienced students

To serve the present students better and ensure future growth, learning from past experiences is the best idea. The students who have passed your online course already, interact with them. You can ask them how effective the course content they found and what more they feel should be added for improvement.  Also, you can ask them to share some unique ideas and opinions to enrich the learner experience. Also, some of these students must be pursuing a course or degree at present. Tell them to share the quality of their present study material. Use these ideas and knowledge to create an effective one for your course. 


For better online course selling, your content should be rich in quality and must meet learners’ expectations. By following the above-mentioned steps, creators can do proper content research. This will help them to get a proper idea about what all elements should be included to make effective study content for the learners.