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Formerly known as TEC Connectivity, Tyke Electronics Ltd. develops and manufactures high-end engineering solutions that integrate and protect data and power. TE Connectivity serves customers in many different industries in more than 150 countries, including aviation, defense and marine, home appliances, automation and control, automotive, consumer devices, data centers, data communications, energy, corporate networks. Hybrid and electric mobility solutions. Industrial, industrial and commercial transport, intelligent and commercial transport, smart buildings, lighting, medicine, networking, rail, solar, underground communication, telecommunication network, test and measurement, and wireless. TE Connectivity has 90,000 employees, including 7,400 engineers and 20 global design centers. Last year, 68 8,688 million was spent on research and development. TE Connectivity has received 20,000 patents throughout the company. Products transported by the company; Antenna products, circuit protection, filters, identification products, pipe and wiring products, connectors and interconnected components, passive components, wires, cables and cables, fiber optic and fiber management solutions, relay switches and sensors. And wireless products. The current CEO appointed for the company in January 2013 is Tom Lynch. Its vice president and chief financial officer is Robert Howe.

Wadmuller. Offers innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

Weidmولller was founded in 1850 and began as a textile industry company. Throughout the company, Weidmرller has specialized in products, solutions and services in the areas of power, signal and data of the industrial environment. The markets offered by Wadmولller are machinery, processes, transportation, instrument makers and energy. The Wadmرller product line includes electronics and automation, connectivity, device connection technology, containment systems, tools and system marking. It consists of an electronic and automation line, remote I / O, power supply, industrial Ethernet, solid state relay and relay, analog signal conditioning, surge protection and PLC interface unit. The trunk line consists of modular terminal blocks, field power, sensor actuator interface and passive industrial Ethernet. The device includes connected line, PCB terminals, connectors, terminals and residential products. Some of the tools that Wadmuller carries are for cutting, removing, squeezing, testing, screwing, machines and they also offer accessories.

Skyscraper Electronics – Commercial electronic test and measurement instrument capable of being used, practical and easy to use:

The Flock Corporation was founded in 1948 in Everett, Washington. It was founded by a roommate of John Flock and David Packard, both of whom worked for General Electric. Flock Corporation is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation and is a manufacturer of industrial test equipment. The company designs, manufactures, manufactures and sells commercial electronic test and measurement equipment for scientific, service, educational, industrial and government applications. Their range of products carry clamp best multimeter, digital multimeter, grounding product, electrical tester, energy kits, HVAC-IAQ tools, insulation tester, internally safe, IR windows, laser distance meter, Handheld oscilloscopes, invoices, power quality, process calibration instruments, radiation protection, thermography, infrared / contact / image IR thermometers, vibration and wireless test equipment. Current clamps include the Flux CNX a3000 wireless AC clamp meter module, the Flux CNX i3000, the Flock 323 true-rms clamp, the Flock 325 True-rms clamp, the Flock 376 and the Flock 381 clamp meter.