Concealing Damages in Your Ceilings & Walls

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Lets face it, everyone’s home at some point or another will have an “eye sore” on the ceiling or on the wall. Whether it came from whether damage, children, or a party, none it still needs to be repaired, hidden or concealed in some manner. Concealing ceiling flaws is a piece of cake and there are many ways to do so. You can install false beams to hide cracks or wires that otherwise would be exposed. If you feel like you have an ugly ceiling overall, you can conceal it with wood panels or wainscoting. The panels can be stained with any color stain you like. It can be dark or light or somewhere in between. It’s up to you and anything will look better than the ugly ceiling above it.

If you are looking to give your room a more intimate feel, some have chosen to add fabric to hide the surface of the ceiling. You can use any fabric and it will give the room a more intimate personal feel as if the room was made for you and only you. However, the down side is that you can actually damage the fabric it you are not careful but since it will be on the ceiling, as long as you are not moving things that are sharp and tall you should have not problem.

Also, wallpapering your ceiling is a good way to cover up an ugly or damaged ceiling. If your ceiling however is ugly from water damage then you will want to address its needed repairs prior to putting up wall paper as you will encounter similar water stains in the near future if you don’t fix the problem first. For those that have the ugly walls or ceilings and want to add a fast bold new look, you can add the heavily embossed wallpaper, which does add a punch of taste to the room all while concealing. Luckily wall paper is really simple to install. Any type you buy will come with instructions for application that are easy to follow.

Fresh on the minds of decorators all over is the option of installing tin ceiling tiles to cover and conceal any flaws without actually having to repair the non water related damages. Tin tiles are actually water and heat proof so you don’t necessarily need to repair water damage first but is a good idea as continued water leaking into your home will continue to cause further damages even if its not to the ceiling. They come in countless finishes like gold, silver, copper, styrene white, brass, chrome, tin and more.

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