Comprehensive Guide: Generate Sales with Your eBook

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At the risk of stating the obvious, every eBook doesn’t do well in the business. Most of the time, self-published books are the ones that fail to generate sales. As the authors of the book don’t know how to market the book effectively, some eBooks never make it to the list of successful books.

Selling eBooks is a creative and well-thought-out process. You can surely do the marketing by telling everyone you know. But is it enough to generate sales?

Also, even if you put up your book on the website for sale, if no one visits your website to check out your book, what will be the use of the entire website. Your eBook has to be available on Google Search. Also, people should be able to get their eBooks from Amazon.

Before you target sales, you need to pinpoint the reasons your book isn’t doing well in the market. Here is a systematic way to thrive in the eBook business.

Choosing the Content of Your eBook

If your goal is to double your profits in the eBook business, you should create content that is useful, engaging, and worth reading. To make such content, you have these options:

Compile Blogs to Make a Book

If you are already in the field of blog writing, there is a chance that the content of your book already exists. People who make money through their blogs have a brilliant opportunity of transforming their blogs into an eBook.

You can edit the blogs to turn them into an eBook. The blog post you are adding to the book must have a flow and connection to qualify as a book. You can omit blogs that do not match the content of your book. Other than that, the structure of the eBook will remain the same, including the introduction, body, and conclusion.

You must be wondering how to sell an eBook with content that people were consuming for free previously. The fact of the matter is that people will buy content that is appropriately arranged. Nevertheless, if you want to share a work of fiction or story based on actual life events with the audience, it is a good idea.

Work on Your Own Book

If you are in the process of writing a book, bear the purpose in mind. You have to write a book that engages the audience and benefits you from a monetary perspective. When you dedicate yourself to writing something, make an outline and work to complete it.

Get Help from Different Writing Sources

When you can’t find the idea of your book, you can take help from the book that is present in the public domain. Such books no longer have a copyright, so you use their content without an issue. But that doesn’t mean you can copy-paste the first well-written book you find on the internet.

The job is to adjust and amend the book according to your storyline. If you can’t find the time to commit to paper, you can opt for ghostwriting services.

You can start your eBook business by writing short stories as well. For selling eBooks of such kind, you need more focused niche topics. Although short stories won’t help in making significant profits, they will help in the journey as a book brand.

How to Start an eBook Business?

If your goal is to make a big buck from your book, you can use these two methods to step into the business of selling eBooks:

Create an Advanced Website

To begin an eBook business, you have to convert your book to PDF and create your own website. You can sell eBooks online to your readers and build a website with a shopping cart and a payment option.

The reader can download your book or order the printed version with a website. Automated websites make it easier to track sales of your book and help you ensure that your business is running without a problem.

Use the Giant Platforms

This gives you a way to tweak the prices of your book as well. For instance, you can raise the cost of your book when it becomes popular with the audience. Once you have an authority website, you can use a third-party site, such as Amazon. It is a huge platform that engages many people. So, the exposure you get is massive.

Many authors hesitate to publish their books on Amazon because of the high amount of commission. By using the right keywords, you can increase your reach manifolds. No matter how great your website is, selling eBooks can be tough there as it might not be accessible to a large group of readers.

Another lucrative platform to market your books is Kindle. The good part is that using it is a piece of cake. All you have to do is make an account and upload your eBook. After you upload your book, the platform changes the format of your book itself. You don’t have to go the extra mile to grow your business through Amazon.

You can use Amazon to drive traffic to your site too. Those who have no clue on how to sell eBooks online can start from here. From Amazon eBooks, readers will come to your website, and you can offer them an exclusive discount on subscribing to your newsletter. Even if the readers don’t buy your books, you can make an email list of the prospects and work on convincing them to buy your book.

For example, you can add a free bonus offer inside your book on Amazon with the condition of coming back to your site. In order to claim the bonus, people will visit your site.

Schedule Events to Discuss Your Book

If you want to build a reputation as an author, you can schedule events to promote your book. Digital media has paved the way for authors to start discussions about their books and marketing strategies. For instance, you can collaborate with podcasters, sign up for readings at the local library, or create virtual events to talk about your books.

Propagate a Crushing Marketing Strategy

This is the phase of the process where most of the authors go wrong. You can indeed drive traffic from other platforms, but that doesn’t count as marketing. Book marketing is an entirely different department, and knowing the right marketing scheme for selling eBooks is essential.

It is better to head to an agency with a multichannel approach like Universal Book Writers. To spread word of mouth, such agencies use multiple platforms to grab the user’s attention. For instance, people who use Twitter will learn about your book from there. And, if you link the post to your website, the audience will eventually get there.

You want people who know how to sell an eBook by creating buzz. There are lots of ways to do that, like creating blogs, offering promotional discounts, arranging giveaways, and introducing easy competitions. A strategy that has been working for years is to offer some of the content for free, and when the curiosity of the audience is triggered, you can give them a payment method to read the rest of your eBook.

Also, the marketing efforts must be consistent for a period for selling eBooks. If you plan to do it for a short time, you might see no results. In short, if there is a recipe for a bestseller eBook, marketing is the main ingredient that has no substitute.

Final Words

Selling eBooks can be the best money-making business if you follow the steps carefully. With a solid plan to sell your eBooks, it can be a cheap and low-risk business opportunity. So, if you want everything to go smoothly, determine the eBook you want to write, publish, and market.