Comment on dead soldiers: Trump calls for dismissal of journalist

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Donald Trump has called for the dismissal of a journalist from the popular conservative channel Fox News, who partially confirmed her “denigrating” remarks about dead American soldiers, originally reported in the magazine The Atlantic.

“Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this kind of reporting. She didn’t even call us for a reaction. Fox News is more what it was, ”tweeted late Friday evening the US president, raised against the channel – a time his media of choice – and their reporter in charge of issues related to national security, Jennifer Griffin.

The latter, respected in journalistic and political circles in Washington, sought to confirm the article by The Atlantic, who explained that Donald Trump had called American soldiers who died in World War I “morons” and “losers”.

The article, published Thursday, claims that during a visit to France in November 2018, Donald Trump would have called the 1,541 American soldiers who died in the Battle of Belleau Wood as “morons”, adding that the cemetery where they lie is full. of “losers”.

The Fox News reporter said that, according to a former senior official in the Trump administration, the US president said of the Vietnam War: “It was a stupid war. Anyone who’s been there is a jerk.

She also quotes two former senior officials of the Trump administration who confirm that the Republican did not want to drive to the cemetery near Paris to pay homage to them.

The case received strong media coverage in the United States. The president, his wife Melania and many current and former officials of the White House have denied the veracity of these statements.

A bone growth in the heel was officially diagnosed with the Republican billionaire in 1968, allowing him to escape conscription.

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