Combo: on the weekend Karelian traffic inspectors caught drunk offenders without a license

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Over the past weekend, Karelian traffic inspectors caught 12 offenders – all of them were drunk. Moreover, four drivers drove drunk without a license, three more – did not want to undergo a medical examination, which would confirm the state of alcoholic intoxication, two – transferred control of their own car to a drunk driver. The State Traffic Inspectorate of Karelia said that the age of the violators was very different. The youngest is only 24 years old, and the oldest, of those who decided that driving drunk is normal, is 57 years old.

However, the raid, during which the drivers were tested for sobriety, also helped to identify several areas with disciplined drivers. These are Kondopozhsky, Sortavalsky, Pitkyarantsky, Medvezhyegorsky, Suoyarvsky, Muezersky, Olonetsky, Louhsky, Kalevala districts and the city of Kostomuksha. Not a single driver who got behind the wheel drunk was detained there.