Collection of mercury-containing waste will take place in Murmansk

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On Saturday, April 24, 2021, an action for the collection, transportation and disposal of mercury-containing waste will be held in the city of Murmansk.

The route of the eco-car for the collection of mercury-containing waste from the population of the city of Murmansk:

– the area of ​​the house number 15 on the street Embankment – 10.00

– at the fork in the roads of Pechengskaya Street and Novoselskaya Street – 10.50;

– the area of ​​intersection of Furmanova Street and Parkhomenko Street – 11.30;

– area between house No. 130a along Kolsky Avenue and No. 5 along Ledokolniy driveway – 12.20;

– at the gas station on the street. Lights of Murmansk – 13.00.

Parking at the collection points for mercury-containing waste will be 30 minutes.

We remind that also tomorrow, April 24, residents of the city of Murmansk will be able to join the All-Russian Subbotnik.

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