Chronicle of COVID-19 in Moldova: on the evening of March 4 4049 deaths

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During the past day, March 4, 23 more deaths from COVID-19 infection were recorded.

They are: 67-year-old man from Leova district, 79-year-old man from Cahul municipality, 59-year-old man from Cahul municipality, 69-year-old woman from Ialoveni district, 42-year-old woman from Nisporeni district, 68-year-old woman from Chisinau, 70 -year-old man from Chisinau, 58-year-old woman from Chisinau, 60-year-old woman from Chisinau, 66-year-old man from Orhei region, 66-year-old woman from Orhei region, 61-year-old man from Orhei region, 79-year-old man from Ceadir -Lunga region, 63-year-old woman from Ceadir-Lunga region, 77-year-old man from Chisinau, 76-year-old woman from Chisinau, 61-year-old woman from Ungheni region, 69-year-old man from Transnistria, 71-year-old man from Straseni region , 72-year-old man from Floresti region, 65-year-old woman from Chisinau, 55-year-old man from Glodeni region, 68-year-old doctor from Chisinau.

On the evening of March 4, 168,801 people recovered from infection with the COVID-19 virus and 4,049 people died from the infection.