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Selling a property also means choosing a real estate agent who will take care of finding the buyer. His knowledge of the market and the profession will allow you to delegate the administrative procedures, the making of appointments with potential customers, but also to sell as quickly as possible and at the best price. We give you 3 tips for choosing the right real estate agency.

  1. Opt for a specialist in the sector

Choose a local real estate agent who knows your geographic area well as well as the type of property you are selling (rental investment, high-end real estate, off-plan apartments, etc.). The expertise of your real estate agent will guarantee you an estimate at the best price as well as a finer targeting of buyers. He must be able to estimate both the price of your property, and the time required to sell it at this price.   

You can easily check its client portfolio by visiting the agency’s website. Make sure, however, that your agent has time to deal with your project.

  1. Check the visibility of your agency on the web

Most buyers now locate properties that interest them on the Internet. Many will not move without having a clear idea of ​​it. The advertisements must be particularly neat; the photograph is in particular a crucial point. Professional real estate photographs make it possible to significantly increase the number of visits, to sell more expensively and faster. The virtual tour is also a sales accelerator. 

Go to the social networks of the real estate agency and check their communication: are the real estate agents reactive? Do they communicate with their community? Are the customer reviews positive? Are the properties for sale sufficiently highlighted?

The promotion of your property and the distribution of the advertisement are decisive elements for the sale. 

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  1. What type of mandate to choose?     

You have the choice between the simple mandate and the exclusive mandate. The simple mandate authorizes you to entrust your property to several agencies. It offers more freedom but is not wise because seeing your house or apartment everywhere leads to its devaluation. In addition, you will not benefit from personalized support from the agents. 

We recommend that you opt for an exclusive mandate with an agency that will dedicate one of its experts to your project. This is the most effective mandate, involving a total commitment from your real estate agent who will best activate his network to complete the sale as quickly as possible. Your agent becomes a real partner for your real estate transaction. 

Choose a trustworthy real estate agents, as competent in digital communication as human, who will accompany you effectively until the deed of sale!