Chinese Foreign Ministry says it will strive for lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the talks in Chinese Xiamen with his South Korean counterpart Chong Ui Yong confirmed China’s intention to strive for a long-term and lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, as well as its denuclearization. This is stated in the message of the Chinese department.

According to the Chinese minister, it is necessary to create a mechanism for lasting peace through dialogue and negotiations, as well as to carry out the complete denuclearization of the peninsula.

“Wang Yi said that it is necessary to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula, in practice to resolve security issues that cause justifiable concern of the South Korean side,” the Chinese department said.

It is noted that Wang Yi called on all interested parties to “make active efforts” to create such a situation. He also said that Beijing will liaise with Seoul, expanding the areas of consensus.