China accuses US of “destructiveness” in response to criticism of WHO’s work in Wuhan

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Official Beijing considers the actions of the United States in the international arena destructive, since they “impede the international fight against coronavirus.” This was announced on Sunday, February 14, by the Chinese embassy in Washington in response to criticism from the White House about the effectiveness of the work of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) in Wuhan.

According to diplomats, Beijing hopes that the US will “take a responsible and transparent position” and “take real steps” to support the overall response to the pandemic.

“In recent years, the United States has taken actions that have had a major destructive impact on the workings of the WHO multilateral mechanism. Washington has created significant obstacles to international cooperation in the fight against coronavirus, ”the statement said.

Earlier on Saturday, US National Security Assistant Jake Sullivan said Washington is insisting that China provide data on the spread of the coronavirus from the earliest days of the outbreak.

According to him, the US authorities are concerned about “how the data is presented” from the WHO investigation in Wuhan, and have questions about “how they were obtained.” Washington demanded an “independent report” that would “be based on the findings of experts and not be subject to interference from the Chinese authorities.”

At the final press conference on February 9, representatives of the WHO international group said that they had not achieved any breakthrough during a trip to Wuhan in order to study the causes of the origin of the coronavirus, but in the process of working with Chinese colleagues, they put forward their own hypotheses.

The most likely version is that the infectious agent was transmitted from wild animals through an intermediate link. According to experts, it could first spread among one population, which served as a natural “reservoir” in which the virus mutated, crossed the interspecies barrier and became infectious for humans.