Chile: riot after the death of a juggler killed by the police

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Hundreds of people protested and a public building was burnt down in a small town in southern Chile on Friday evening following the death of a juggler shot by a police officer.

The incident happened in Panguipulli after the young street artist refused to be searched by two uniformed police officers.

The argument then escalated and one of the agents shot him dead, according to the images of a video broadcast widely on local channels and social networks.

“We regret the death of this young juggler. I hope that justice will be done, ”Ricardo Valdivia, mayor of Panguipulli, told local radio station Radio Cooperativa.

Witnesses called out to the police and violent incidents broke out. Protesters set fire to several buildings, one of which burned down, and erected barricades in the streets, until riot police responded with tear gas and water cannons, according to the footage released. by local media.

The local police supported the officer who fired. According to Boris Alegria, lieutenant colonel of the Panguipulli police, he acted in “self-defense”.

The government ordered the police to turn over all tapes of the incident to the judicial authorities who launched an investigation.

Panguipulli (32,500 inhabitants) is located 850 km south of the capital Santiago.

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