Chief editor of MK in Mari El shared the recipe for Mari pancakes

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The chief editor of MK in Mari El showed how to bake Mari pancakes shurashan melna.

Easter and the May holidays are a time of communication and feasts. In addition to Easter cakes, residents of Mari El prepare their favorite dishes. The chief editor of MK in Mari El, Konstantin Terekhov, filmed how his aunts Maya Arkadyevna and Lyubov Arkadyevna, who live in the village of Kuknur, bake Mari pancakes.

Shurashan melna – two-layer pancakes with cereals. They work best in the oven. The first layer is made from yeast dough. When it is half baked, a second layer of a mixture of cereals and sour cream is spread on top. Ready pancakes should be greased with melted butter.

Details of the preparation of shurashan melna are in the telegram channel of Konstantin Terekhov. It turns out a delicious and satisfying dish. Just for the holiday!

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