Cheap Jet Charter Solutions

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The way we think about travel has changed drastically ever since the pandemic. If you want to travel safely and can afford it, a jet charter is an option you should consider. Private jet charters can cut down your contact with crowds and provide solutions for quick and convenient travel.

Jet charters can also be a great option if you are traveling in a big group for events like company retreats, destination weddings, sports tournaments and so on. Besides being a cost-effective solution, such as the ones you can find here. It can also help you organize a safe and socially distanced event.

It might be intimidating to think about chartering a jet but there are many ways in which you can get a good deal. Here are some tips and tricks for finding cheap jet charter solutions.

Share All Details

When booking a jet charter through a broker, make sure to share as many details with them as possible. Tell them the exact address from where you are leaving and the exact address of your destination.

Tell them about the number of passengers and their ages, the amount of luggage you will carry, any huge luggage you might have and any pets that might be accompanying you. Tell them if the date and time of your travel are flexible as well.

Sharing these details with your broker will enable them to find the most affordable option that is suitable for your plans.

Round Trips

Booking a round trip can cut your costs by up to 40%. To get a discount on a round trip, your travel needs to have a minimum average of about two billable hours per day.

This could mean going and returning on the same day if each flight is one hour long or you could take a four-hour-long flight on one day and return on a four-hour-long flight after three days.

Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights are the best way to get a cheap jet charter. Empty leg flights can cut your costs by up to 60%. When a jet charter flies someone to a particular destination, the trip back to its base is called an empty leg flight. Since the jet would be making that journey anyway, booking those flights is usually the cheapest option.

Empty leg flights are the best option for you if you are flexible about your date and time of travel because your travel will be dependent on the other person who has booked the jet. If they cancel, your journey will be canceled as well.

Jet Cards and Memberships

If you plan to make multiple trips, you can consider getting a one-time jet card or membership. This will help you save more than booking a separate jet charter each time.

Many membership programs have attractive offers and might even allow you to fly as many times as possible for an overall price. This option is the best for you if you travel often.

Buy a Seat or Pool

Some services and brokers will allow you to book a private jet charter seat rather than booking the entire plane. Some services will help you pool the booking price with travelers who have overlapping destinations.

This is a good option for you if you want to cut down on the time and inconvenience of taking a regular flight from a public airport but don’t want to book an entire private jet for yourself. This is suitable for people who travel alone for business, for instance.

Bottom Line

With these cheap jet charter solutions, booking a private jet no longer needs to be a faraway dream. In this changing world, private jet charters have never been a more convenient option. With a little bit of research and flexibility, you can find an affordable option suitable for you!