Changes in the color and shape of nails can warn of disease

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General practitioner, candidate of medical sciences Kristina Borodulina told how the nail plates can change due to hidden diseases in the body.

During the examination, a good doctor always pays attention to the color, shape and surface of the nails. Their condition will help diagnose not only skin diseases, but also diseases of internal organs, general infectious processes.

– White nails or frosted glass can occur with cirrhosis of the liver. A yellow tint indicates impaired lymph circulation, dark brown nails become after X-ray irradiation or with Addison’s disease, bluish – with Wilson’s disease. Nails can acquire black color in case of arterial thrombosis or diabetic gangrene, – said Borodulina in an interview with Zvezda TV channel.

Contrary to popular belief, nails can become brittle and dull with hypervitaminosis, and not with vitamin deficiency, as is commonly believed. Thinning of the nail plate and a change in its shape often occurs with varicose veins, atherosclerosis and peripheral circulation disorders.

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