Challenges Experienced by Small Business Owners

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If you are thinking of starting a small business you should know that there are challenges that you would face. It is normal to face problems. However, you may need to use websites such as SpotifyStorm to continue driving your business. Some of the problems that you may undergo as an owner of small business include:

  1. Medical Issues 

If you want to run a small business you have to maintain the health of your employees. This is the most difficult part of running a business since the health of your employees is far more important than anything else. With work comes

responsibility so the many employees you have the more it would cost you to finance their health. The owners are the ones who cater for the health of their employees so if you have many employees it is always a big blow in terms of finance to the employer.

  1. Rules and Regulations

The government has set rules and regulations that we must always adhere to and if not it has its consequences and punishment. Some regulations will really affect your business, for instance, take a look at the Clean Air Act regulation where one is forced to remove all the air pollutants such as vehicles which contribute to smog, chemicals, and gasses which may lead to the destruction of the ozone layer. This becomes a challenge to owners since they may be lacking the required machines to use for disposing of chemicals and maybe using improper vehicles. Also, the Advertising regulation may be a challenge to a small business. This will cost you when there is fraud in your advertisement. 

So you will need to ensure high transparency while advertising.

  1. Payment of Taxes

Part of the government rule is that as a business you are required to pay regular taxes to the government. This normally becomes a problem when your business is in a financial crisis. You find that the tax must be paid and you lack money to pay. 

Some businesses get closed if tax is not paid. In other cases, the tax is increased by the government. For instance, due to the pandemic of covid-19, the economy degraded hence the government had to increase the level of tax payment so as to boost the economy.

  1. Economic Changes

Everybody is aware of how the economy would change and cause a real problem to business owners. Nobody knows when a change occurs, especially in the economy. It is impossible to predict the future. An economic crisis affects all businesses including the small ones. You find that your products do not sell, the business has gone and you might even end up losing your business. The economic crisis is the most feared tragedy by all citizens, be it the non-working class or working class.

  1. Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

As the owner of your business, you should ensure that you keep track of the flow of your money. You need to budget your money. Keep some money for a certain use, some for emergencies, and ensure that you always save money. Budgeting money is very essential for a business that will ensure that you are able to pay for your bills. Lack of budgeting in a business would cause losses and scarcity of money in the business.

  1. Be Passionate

Obsession may be seen as a weakness to other people but in a real sense to business owners, it should be seen as a virtue that they should uphold. As a business owner, you should be obsessed with your business, with wanting to be successful. This would ensure that the quality of your products and services would be upheld with passion by your customers. Well, this is not the case in the real world. People start businesses because they think it would work and not because they are passionate about it. They end up giving poor services and products to customers making them feel unappreciated hence not returning and the business fails.

  1. Not  Increase the Number of Clients you Have

Ensure that you have more than half of the clients on your client list. If it is not so in your business you should find methods that would help increase more responsible clients or if not so make deals which are better with the other clients. Businesses, where the responsible clients are less, have a high risk of going down. You find that they may change the business and go to another that leaves you empty and hence you drown as a business.

  1. Employing new Employees

Employees from the basis of a business. Without a good team of employees, your business would be ineffective and it won’t operate and win as expected. The difficulty occurs when in need of hiring an employee. You mostly find that the employee you are to hire has not reached the minimum qualifications and would not form a good time. Another problem that occurs is that it is expensive to conduct an interview and as a small business you might not be able to cater to it.


The above are some of the problems that we all face regardless of what kind of a business you are whether small, medium, or large. Now that we know some problems it would be better to prevent the ones that could be prevented.  Remember prevention is better than cure.