Census: census takers in Crimea will be paid 18 thousand rubles each

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Each of them for the period of the census will be provided with a tablet, and as a result of the work they will receive a salary of 18 thousand rubles. The cost of conducting the All-Russian Census in Crimea will amount to about 20 million rubles.

“In general, in Russia, about 31 billion rubles will be spent on the census,” says Pavel Smelov, deputy head of Rosstat. – About 8 billion rubles. will be spent on copying tablets. The next expensive item of expenditure is the remuneration of census takers and hired personnel.

The country’s first digital All-Russian population census will take place in several stages.

– Since our territory is large, from October 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, the population census will be held in the most remote areas, – explains Pavel Smelov. – From April 1 to April 22, the stage of the Internet census will take place. Each resident of Russia will be able to independently go through the census procedure using the “Gosuslugi” portal. Enumerators will work from 21 to 26 April. From April 27 to April 30, a control round will take place, when our specialists will check the information recorded by the scribes.

In order for a family consisting of several people to take part in the electronic stage of the census, it is enough for one of its members to have a registration on the “Gosuslugi” portal. A person registered with the “State Services” will be able to register information about all family members.

“It is not even necessary to have a computer to participate in the electronic stage of the census,” says Pavel Smelov. – Enough app on mobile. It will be possible to come to the MFC and record your data with the help of our scribes. All MFC offices will be equipped with census points. Their activities will not in any way affect the rules of the MFC work.

Another, innovative, way to take part in the population census is to invite a mobile point to the workplace. This opportunity will open up for managers of large enterprises with a high number of employees. And census takers equipped with special tablets will walk around the apartments and households of citizens.

– 360 thousand tablets are provided, the delivery of which will take place before December 1, 2020, – explains the interlocutor. – Each of them is a large software hardware complex, which includes the tablet itself and a completely new operating system, special software for the copyist, built-in and external batteries, and a protective case.

The census will be organized in a safe manner for the enumerators. Lists of unreliable apartments and suspicious citizens will be compiled in advance. The tablet itself allows you to make an emergency call, its location is tracked online.

“In Crimea, the technical equipment of census takers will not entail emergency situations,” says Olga Baldina, head of Krymstat. – The interdepartmental commission on preparation for the census has begun its work, it includes representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. To date, measures have been developed to protect census takers. The representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs demonstrate their full readiness to provide assistance to the statistical authorities in terms of security.

The tablets themselves and the software for them are made in Russia. This fact excludes information leakage. After the completion of the census, the bulk of the tablets will be handed over for further work to various structures and departments. Rosstat will retain only 36 thousand units of new equipment.

“No documents are required to participate in the census,” warns Pavel Smelov. – The scribe writes down all data about citizens from their words. The lists do not include questions about income and religion. Citizens will be asked about the sources of income, without specifying the amounts. So the provision of any information to the tax service is excluded.

Self-determination is an important principle of the All-Russian census. Citizen data is collected solely for the purpose of statistics. The census is a unique source of information about the national composition of the country, about the level of education of citizens. The personal data of persons living in the household does not need to be disclosed. In the entire history of the census in Russia, there have been no cases of missing census forms.

“The 2014 census showed that representatives of 175 nationalities live in Crimea,” says Olga Baldina. – Russians among the total number of 65%, Ukrainians – 16%, Crimean Tatars – 12%. As of the 2002 census, the structure changed in favor of the Russians. There is also a slight increase in the number of Crimean residents. But the increase is mainly due to migration processes.

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