Cardiologist: these pathologies threaten with sudden death even for the young

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According to RIA Novosti, some heart disease or other related ailments can become the causes of premature care.

Cardiologist Tatyana Shalygina listed pathologies that threaten with sudden death even for young people: central sleep apnea, ruptured aneurysm, ruptured blood clot, heart failure, sudden unexplained death syndrome.

Sleep apnea is caused by the fact that the formation of an impulse in the central nervous system, which stimulates the respiratory muscles, decreases. So a person can die in a dream. Apnea is closely related to the work of the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system.

When people with such a pathology complain about problems with falling asleep, everyone who wakes up from a feeling of lack of air, with shortness of breath, take a risk and must consult a cardiologist.

Dissection of the aortic aneurysm is manifested by symptoms of heart failure, accompanied by impaired cerebral circulation and fainting. The disease is treated with medication and surgery. It is important to see a doctor on time.

A thrombus is also a common cause of sudden death in young people. Sudden unexplained death can also be caused by the fact that people are in certain risk groups, for example, patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, certain types of arrhythmias or heart defects.

In any case, it is important to constantly be under the supervision of a cardiologist. Consult your doctor more often if you feel unwell.

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