Can you get a quick divorce?

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Divorce proceedings are mainly time-consuming thing. However, with intelligent intervention, a quick divorce is possible in Canada. Let’s know how you can get a quick divorce in Canada.

How long does it take to get a divorce in Canada?

The answer to the question how much time divorce take is almost 1-year. On the other hand, it takes 4 to 6 months to perform a quick divorce.

In case of more extended grounds for separation from the divorce, a 1-year time frame is necessary. After 1 year of separation, the ground will let you claim rightful divorce. 

On the other hand, a mutual divorce doesn’t take long to happen. A peaceful meeting with the legal partner can settle every relevant issue. Then submit all the documents to the court for a quick divorce.

Following the existing rules – divorce proceedings could be time-consuming.

  • ‘Adultery and cruelty are possible grounds for claiming a rightful divorce. As this ground is related to the award of monetary compensation, you must prove the claim before the court. Hence, going for divorce in this fashion is a time-consuming process.
  • Grounds of separation will ask for 1 year to complete the divorce period. Without waiting for 1-year, the court will not issue a divorce based on a break in a legal relationship.

Is it possible to get a quick divorce in Canada?

Yes, it is possible to get a quick divorce in Canada. A fast divorce will require at least 4 to 6 months and both parties’ collaboration. Hence, it is possible only in case of mutual divorce.

Otherwise, you have to show grounds for divorce in court. Then the court will take legitimate time to decide.

According to the divorce law, there are no such provisions for a quick divorce. Usually, divorce leads to child and other joint property distribution between husband and wife. To complete all these proceedings takes a longer time, at least 1 year. 

In a “No-fault” divorce situation, quick divorce is possible. To divorce in this fashion, avoid claiming the opposition party. In a no-fault condition, both parties agree on no claim divorce.

The term no-fault divorce was not part of the family law of Canada before. However, the Canadian government recently added this provision to the divorce Act to make the procedural system smoother.

How to get a quick divorce in Canada

To get a quick divorce in Canada, you have to follow some tricky ways. As divorce is a right of husbands and wives, complete the process and don’t mess with others.

Complete paperwork together

The quickest way to get a divorce is to complete all paperwork with your spouse. Marriage certificates, registration certificates, and property documents will require.

Attachment of all documents is mandatory for the distribution of rights properly after divorce. Why not take the help of your spouse to complete proceedings mutually?

The help of your spouse helps to bring all those required documents quickly. That’s why spouse needs to work together to complete all paperwork’s on a quick time.

Properly do procedural things

Divorce brings lots of procedural things in front of the applicants. It is not always a matter of submission of applications to the court. There will be different procedural things off the court that needs to perform by divorce seekers.

Moreover, a divorce proceeding is uncompleted without the effect of all procedural stuff. Making delays in procedural things ultimately delays the whole process. Therefore, properly do all the procedural stuff along with your spouse.

Interim order or long divorce?

If you want to start a new life in a hurry, the question of interim order arises. Only in case of long-length divorce cases does the court passes interim orders.

Court will support your application if there is any necessity to give a temporary order. By the temporary order legal partner gets the release from divorce shackles.

Last thoughts

It is possible to get a quick divorce in Canada. However, no such terms are present in law for a quick divorce. It requires your partner’s support if you use tricky ways to avoid any hustles in divorce.

Ultimately, the smart approach will help you earn a quick divorce in Canada. However, adding grounds of adultery and illegal means will delay the proceedings. Therefore, go with an intelligent way to complete a divorce in a quick mode.