Can Overseas Buyers Purchase a Land in Kingdom Valley

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How do overseas buyers buy a plot in Kingdom Valley?

Islamabad, especially for those living in the cities Islamabad or Rawalpindi, is a futuristic way to live. We all know that Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan are a blessing for the country. The kingdom valley is there to assist them. For foreign investors, the blocks are one of the greatest assets of the company. If you are interested in buying a plot within this block, please continue reading.

Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a cooperative housing society that provides affordable housing for residents of both Islamabad (and Rawalpindi). This makes it an attractive investment for those who live in both cities. This housing project is part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme which is a government housing program. This housing project will help residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This housing project will allow them to buy the house of your dreams at a reasonable price.

NoC Status

Investors and future residents should trust the No Objection Certificate. Because the Kingdom Valley is part a government housing scheme called the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme it has legal status. This legal status ensures that development in the area will occur soon.

Kingdom Valley Overseas Executive Block

Everything you need from comfort to luxury is in the master plan for kingdom Valley. It must also make Pakistanis living outside Pakistan feel special. To help, the country created an office block that is open to foreigners. Because Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan are a large part of the country’s wealth, the block offers all the facilities and amenities that residents could need to live in a more comfortable environment.

The kingdom valley executive blocks have parks, hospitals, schools, graveyards, and malls. There are also many plots available for Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan. The 4-year instalment plan is available so that investors don’t have the burden of paying everything at once. When you vote, a down payment and a fee are required. The plot size for overseas foreigners is 8 Marlas (12 Marlas) and 16 Marlas (16 Marlas).

How do I book a plot at Kingdom Valley?

You can choose from many different sizes of plots in the  to use for your overseas executive block. Because it is installments, the payment plan is affordable and simple to pay.

At the beginning of the process, a 10% down payment is required. Then, some money will be due during the voting. Corner plots, plots facing parks, and plots located on the main road are more expensive because they are in good locations. A 15% fee is required if the property is located on the main street. All fees must be paid in order to buy a house in this block.

Documents you need to buy a plot:

You will need these things to buy a house in this area. These are the basics of how they work.

  • A copy of the CNIC of both the buyer and the next-to-you.
  • One that can be placed in a Passport Picture.
  • There is a booking charge.

Before you invest in this housing project, there are a few things you should consider. To ensure that the property is yours, you must first make sure you have paid all of your bills on time. Second, plots are often sold quickly. It is a smart idea to start investing as soon as possible. It is a great place to invest because of the many facilities it offers.

Another reason to invest is the great location. Because it is close to the Islamabad International Airport (Lahore Islamabad) and the M2 motorway, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad location makes it easy to reach. These are essential items for those who don’t live in the country and can be obtained through Islamabad.


The kingdom valley of Islamabad is a great investment opportunity. It’s convenient and affordable, which is what people love. This housing society also helps people from other countries. This is why the housing society has an executive block in an out-of-town location that offers all the amenities from luxury to comfort. There is also an option to pay for the plots and have a payment plan. No matter where you live, it doesn’t matter whether you are an investor within or outside of the country. This community of housing is essential for all. Anyone who is interested in buying a property within the Kingdom Valley should contact Property News.