Can All Virgin Olive Oil Found For Sale Be Relied On to Be Truly Virgin?

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My wife and I are happy because we live in Greece and grow 15 olive trees in our garden. These trees bear fruit every two years, and about 10 bags of fresh camels are collected and taken to the local press the next morning. Then expect about 60 liters of Deep Green Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

As a result of this amazing natural resource available not only to us but also to our neighbors and the general public, we make the most of the olive oil sold in supermarkets around the world. Shelves. I never thought about it.

Our relatives in California turned their attention to the story of the “mafia trade fraud” using virgin olive oil, so we began to look deeper into the problem. We want to share our results with you.

First, our investigation did not find a clear “mafia link” and at the company level, we must say that we are not worthy of judgment. Some examples of “distortion” will definitely come first.

That’s why I say that although olive oil is the only commercial vegetable oil extracted from the fruit, most sunflower, rapeseed, and soybean oils are derived from the seeds. Please

Olive oil extraction is a natural process that can only be achieved by mechanical means, such as centrifugation or application, but the extraction of oil from the seed requires the use of industrial solvents as well as the use of industrial solvents. Coating with chemicals or other processes such as neutralization, deodorization, bleaching, and degreasing.

The end result of seed-based oils is a tasteless, colorless, and fragrant liquid oil, but olive oil is a fresh fruit juice that retains all its natural flavors and qualities.

The term “virgin olive oil” refers to the rejuvenation of the olive, which gives the oil its excellent quality and taste. This “innovation” is the first cause of the distortion of the word “virtuous.” ..

When fruits are harvested and covered, they begin to decompose, over-preserve, and become moldy and dirty, all of which accelerate the process of petroleum refining and oxidize quality from other areas. Juicy olives quickly release the appropriate oil, which is called “virgin olive”.

Secret 2 – Adding very cheap seed oil to the mixture. Because it has no taste or smell, the resulting liquid can be large at a fraction of the price.

In addition, the third and most troubling method we found was the addition of a synthetic lamp (lamp oil). Although it is still classified as illegal in many countries, it is still on the way. Food is hidden in a mixture of olive oil.

How can consumers begin to differentiate themselves from the various products on supermarket shelves? Which oil is pure “virgin olive oil” and which is not?

Surprisingly, the practice of using olive oil to the advantage of the Romans and criminals was long enough for them to complete their art, which was not so easy.

However, there are certain etiquettes that are not compatible with the decision-making process, such as First Press, New Press, and Cold Press. These old terms and modern olive oil production methods make no sense.

But the terms we focus on are “refined olive oil“, “import”, and “packaging”. All of this indicates that pure and natural olive oil products are damaged in one way or another. If you want realism, go ahead.

Generally, all virgin olive oil must be extracted from the country or region where it is stored. The oil needed to release the raw material removes the fat from the so-called “virgin”.

Of course, most of the olive oils on the shelf are not harmful to human health, and when combined with other oils and lose their natural oils, you can save a lot of money if you need them. However, if you are looking for the reality, as a popular method, I prefer ‘virgin olive oil’ oils that are harvested and produced in olive growing countries. This is not an oil that was exported, imported, or added elsewhere.

Therefore, our research shows that the extra virgin olive oil labeled and displayed on supermarket shelves is not really virgin as the name implies.