Cameras installed in the Moscow metro helped find 100 missing persons

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With the help of video surveillance cameras installed in the Moscow metro, since September 2020, it has been possible to find 100 missing people. This was announced on March 12 by the press service of the Moscow Department of Transport.

“Smart” cameras in the subway help those who, it would seem, no longer have a chance to return home. Since September, video surveillance has found 100 people missing, 26 of them children. No one should be left alone in a big city, “- said in a message published in the department’s Telegram channel.

Earlier that day, it was reported that over 6.3 thousand security cameras with vulnerabilities were found in Russia – they turned out to have public IP addresses, which makes them accessible to cybercriminals.

Some cameras are located in infrastructure and industrial facilities.

According to experts, fraudsters can penetrate the networks of companies and enterprises through the IP addresses of such cameras. Also, the devices can be used to organize an illegal video surveillance system. The presence of such a camera in a bank threatens to leak information from credit cards and customer passports. Installing such devices at home puts your privacy at risk.

On March 10, it was reported that hackers gained access to 150,000 cameras around the world. The cybercriminals hacked into the Verkada video surveillance system, which is installed in many enterprises and in a number of American government institutions.