Caitlyn Jenner mulls challenge to California’s Newsom despite spotty voting history: report

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Caitlyn Jenner has said she is considering challenging California Gov. Gavin Newsom in his almost certain recall election this fall — despite Jenner having a spotty voting history, according to a report.

Jenner did not vote in the 2018 election that led to Newsom’s landslide victory and skipped a majority of elections since 2000, Politico reported.

The reality TV star and former Olympic athlete announced Sunday that she will “decide soon” whether to run for governor, writing, ” I have been here for 45+ years and love CA.” 

Jenner, 71, who grew up in New York state and Connecticut and later attended college in Iowa, also accused mainstream media outlets in her tweet of not wanting “a #lgbt fiscal conservative and socially liberal candidate running.”

The Republican has skipped almost two-thirds of California elections in which she was eligible since 2000, Politico reported, citing Los Angeles County records.

She also reportedly didn’t vote in California’s 2003 gubernatorial recall election that replaced Democrat Gray Davis with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Records also show Jenner didn’t vote in the presidential primary or the general election in 2016, although she has claimed she voted for Donald Trump in 2016, Politico reported. 

Schwarzenegger’s own spotty voting record, however, didn’t hurt his campaign at the time, the outlet noted. 

David McCuan, a Sonoma State University political science professor, told Politico that’s “in keeping with the tradition that celebrity over participation matters more than anything.”


Jenner has been highly critical of Newsom’s job as governor and recently met with former President Trump’s ex-campaign manager Brad Parscale and other Republican strategists, Politico reported.

Jenner has criticized Trump in the past, calling him the “worst” president on LGBTQ issues

Other Republicans considering a run against Newsom include former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and businessman John Cox, who lost to Newsom in 2018. 

Jenner has not commented on Politico’s report. 

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