Cairo hoped to open air links with Russia in the near future

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Egypt expects that air traffic with Russia, which was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, will resume in the near future, the aviation authorities of the two countries are in contact on this issue. The Ambassador of the Arab Republic in Moscow, Ihab Nasr, spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti on Wednesday, August 12.

According to the diplomat, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in Russia “has dropped dramatically, just like in Egypt.”

“As for the flights between Cairo and Moscow, which were suspended due to the pandemic. Egypt has already restored flights to a large number of countries. We very much hope that in the very near future we will restore air traffic between Moscow and Cairo, ”he said.

According to the ambassador, Egypt is “always happy” to receive Russians. “At Egyptian airports, serious measures are being taken in connection with the coronavirus for the safety of tourists. Both express tests and a versatile set of sanitary measures, ”he said.

The interlocutor of the agency added that the airspace of Egypt is open and there “are ready to accept everyone.” He expressed hope that the consultations held by the aviation authorities of the two countries will end with a positive result in the near future.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Russia has suspended regular and charter international flights since March 27. Only export flights were allowed, as well as cargo, postal, sanitary, humanitarian and other flights carried out according to separate decisions of the Russian government.

Since August 1, Russia has resumed flights with the UK, Turkey and Tanzania. Flights to Switzerland are expected to start on 15 August.

Now there is no direct flight between Russia and Egypt. In the Aeroflot’s schedule, flights to Cairo are only on the 25th of October, ATOR notes. The timing of the resumption of charter flights is not yet known.

As it became known on August 7, the Egyptian authorities decided to ban the movement of foreign tourists around the country. It was noted that the tightening of travel conditions may be associated with an outbreak of coronavirus infection, which probably occurred in Cairo.

According to the statistical portal Worldometer, as of August 12, 95.8 thousand cases of coronavirus were detected in Egypt, more than 5 thousand people died.

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