Buzova ended up in a hospital bed and spoke about her health

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TV presenter Olga Buzova seriously intrigued her fans. A video appeared in her Instagram story, which she recorded in the clinic from the ward.

After a while, the singer posted a video message to the fans. At the same time, she was all in the same interiors. As the star said, she was asleep. Now she comes to grips with her health. However, she did not talk about exactly what health problems arose.

“I have a difficult path ahead of me. It’s a long one. I can say so,” the presenter emphasized. She also noted that “for the sake of health and a long happy life, you can go for it,” reports Teleprogramma.pro.

However, judging by the latest photos on Instagram of the singer, she is already in perfect order. But Internet users suggested that the star may be pregnant.