Buy Handmade Dupatta from these 5 Emerging handcrafted Labels Brand of India

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A Handmade dupatta is the most worthwhile Indian ethnic wear without which the women’s outfit is incomplete. If you remember ever since from the days of our childhood if there was one piece the clothing which exploited us the most is the beautifully handcrafted dupattas. At that time it was only one such outfit that can easily gel with any outfit very easily. Those beautiful dupattas was always been an integral part of our childhood days which are being embraced by us till now. To reminisce those moments below we have created a list of top handmade dupatta brands which will definitely pull up your look in any outfit. 

Top 5 Places to Shop the Best Handmade Dupatta Online in India.

Here is the list of the most favorable gorgeous Indian brand to buy handicraft dupatta for yourself. 

  • Kutchi Bazaar 

Starting off with the best and the most popular one, if you are the one whose first and foremost love is the ethnic handcrafted clothing then the kutchi bazaar is the most ideal choice for the handcrafted dupatta. Talking about the popularity they are one of the most emerging and growing in the segment of handcrafted clothing and leading in the segment of Dupatta. 

Talking about the brand itself, the Kutchi bazaar originated from the beautiful city of the Kutch. They are specialized in selling the crafts of Gujarat which is made by the artisans. They have some beautiful handmade dupatta. These dupattas come with intricate designs and prints which the art and culture of Gujarat. 

You can check out their amazing collection of Bandhani Dupattas, Ajrakh Dupatta, Batik dupattas and Bujodi dupattas. All these dupattas are precisely made by the artisans and is passed to them from their ancestors. Out of all the popular varieties available with them, the one which I like the most was beautiful and suggest you is to buy gaji silk bandhani dupatta

  • Ekaya 

The Ekaya is the next online store from where you can buy some cool sets of handcrafted dupattas. Ekaya has some good-looking designs of banarasi dupattas to shop for. To know more about it you can visit their online store to check out the latest design. They have some good drool-worthy designs with the prices within the pocket. 

  • Bandhej 

The next online store to shop dupatta online in India the Bandhej store, the online venture was started by the Archana Shah. Taking her entrepreneur journey, she wants to create something where she can save this endangered art of Gujarat. 

  • Vasta By Palak and Samta 

Based on the surat the Vasta was started by the Palak Savani and Samta Gaudani. They are specialized for selling handcrafted benarasi dupatta which come with amazing designs and beautiful motifs. 

  • House of Raisons

The next place where you can find out some great designs is the house of Raison. They also deal in a great variety of handmade dupatta. Apart from the dupattas they also have some more ethnic wear stuff such as saree and salwar suit which belongs to the different states of India. If you are looking forward to Buy Batik Dupatta Online you can visit them.