Find top 7 online stores to Buy 100% Original Rimmel Products Online in Pakistan.

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Have you been catfished by online scams? Are you tired of getting fake brands by showing original pictures of the products? Don’t worry because we’ll guide you through. We are sure that, you must be desperate to buy authentic cosmetics like Rimmel Foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

Why shouldn’t you be? After all, Rimmel is one of the vastly used brands in Pakistan. If Rimmel makeup products are what you are obsessed with, keep on reading. Underneath, we’ve provided you with the list of the top 7 stores to buy 100% original Rimmel products online in Pakistan. 

Vegas Cosmetics

When it comes to purchasing cosmetics, Vegas Cosmetics consistently takes the top. Vegas Cosmetics is a well-known online cosmetics business in Pakistan. There are almost 500 international cosmetics brands available, both high-end and low-cost.

It is well-known in Pakistan for bringing in new and popular products. Vegas Cosmetics introduces new brands on a regular basis, as expected by clients, which is the most exciting feature for ladies. Their internet page comes highly recommended since they often update it with new and exciting things.


Have you heard of Bagallery howl before? Obviously! Who hasn’t done it? Bagallery was launched in 2017 by Mina Salman, a beauty and wellness blogger, with the purpose of making actual brands, both local and worldwide. As the name suggests, it began by selling branded bags from high-street labels such as Zara, Kate Spade, and Shien, but rapidly expanded.

Bagallery contains almost everything a beauty or fashion enthusiast might need. From luxury purses to watches to high-end cosmetics to skin and hair care products, they have it all, and at reasonable prices.

Beauty Arena 

Beauty Arena is another online beauty store with a website that offers lower prices than other companies! Beauty Arena is Pakistan’s largest online beauty store, with cash-on-delivery options for world-famous cosmetics, bath and body products, skin care, hair care, and fragrance items. They carry an incredible number of brands, from high-end to obscure.

They truly offer everything! Also, they provide a lot of free shipping alternatives.  Isn’t that just perfect? Beauty Arena has built a reputation for providing exceptional customer service, high-quality merchandise, and fashion that are all supplied fast and with simple payment ways, resulting in an elegant taste of individuality.


Just4girls, like all other online businesses, is Pakistan’s most well-known cosmetics website. It is your one-stop shop for all of your cosmetics, skin care, fragrances, and accessories. Since its inception five years ago, has evolved to become the top national online shop, offering all of your favorite cosmetic goods in one convenient location.

Thousands of our favorite beauty products are available, from budget-friendly to well-known luxury brands. is a one-stop online shop that also offers cosmetics suggestions and training to Pakistani beauty bloggers. As an online beauty company, Just4girls has strived to earn our trust and maintain our loyalty by combining high-quality products, affordable pricing, and world-class customer service!

Cozmetica Beauty Concept Store

When talking about Rimmel Products, how can we forget about Cozmetica. Cozmetica is one of the most well-known online stores that caters to both new and returning customers. Cozmetica is a simple and user-friendly online shopping site where you can get high-quality things at a moderate cost.

Cozmetica debuted in 2018 and already has a major online presence in Pakistan. Cozmetica specializes on skincare, hair care, makeup, personal care, and newborn care, among other things. In Pakistan, Cozmetica is well-known for its high-quality skincare products. Authentic Rimmel Foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder can be found here easily. 

The Beauty Store 

The Beauty Store is a store that provides affordable versions of well-known health and beauty products. Thousands of goods from major health and cosmetic brands are available in their store, all at unbeatable costs.

Every week, the Beauty Store receives hundreds of new items from Clinique, NYX Cosmetics, and Rimmel, among other brands. You may purchase wonderful fragrances, skincare, make-up, and hair care things at a fair price. The Beauty Store strives to provide timely and trustworthy service, as well as reasonable costs and a pleasant, direct, and accommodating staff.

The Skin Fit 

The Skin Fit is the only place to go for skincare, hair care, essential oils, and mask sheets. Our goal at Skin Fit is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date skincare and beauty products available. They stay on top of the newest skincare and beauty trends, and they priorities their customers’ requirements. As a consequence, they have a large number of happy consumers all around the world.

The Skin Fit sells only genuine and original products. The Skin Fit also serves as an official distributor and supplier for a number of well-known international brands. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the product’s legitimacy or quality when you buy something from them.

So, above we have provided you with list of number one online stores in Pakistan that provide 100% authentic products to buy. Out of all of these above Cozmetica is claimed to be the top online cosmetics store in Pakistan, offering a broad choice of cosmetics and beauty goods at a fair price to its customers.

Best sellers’ cosmetics products like Rimmel Foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder are also available. Check their website out, and order now

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