Buses and trolleybuses will replace the canceled minibuses in Bryansk

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In Bryansk, in July 2021, it is planned to eliminate commercial routes in 14 directions. The corresponding decree was signed by the acting Head of the City Administration Stanislav Kosharny.

In five months, minibuses No. 34, 36, 42, 44, 45, 49, 55, 69, 76 and 99 are going to be abolished in the city. …

As the administration of the Bryansk region assured, the city’s transport network will not be affected. Minibuses will be replaced by buses and trolleybuses, which will run according to similar traffic patterns.

There is already an alternative to some minibuses. For example, minibus No. 10 is duplicated by bus No. 5 and trolleybus No. 14, and minibus No. 28 is duplicated by bus No. 37.

All public transport in the city is expected to run until midnight.

Earlier it also became known that commercial carriers in Bryansk would be forced to connect to the information system of the region so that the townspeople could use the Smart Transport system to track the location of the bus they needed.