Buryatia proposes to add the right to kill aggressive individuals to the law on animals

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In Buryatia, they consider it necessary to amend the federal law on the responsible treatment of animals. The veterinary department of the republic told Izvestia that they propose to kill aggressive individuals, as well as those born and raised in street conditions, by humane methods – now the law provides for the maintenance of such animals in the shelter for life.

The authorities of the republic also consider it necessary to develop and approve regulations on assessing the number of homeless animals to be captured, taking into account the specific conditions of the regions, as well as to create a unified information system for keeping records of animals, regulatory legal acts at the federal level to determine the aggressiveness of animals without owners.

Earlier, Izvestia wrote about the accusations of animal rights activists against the authorities in the region. According to activists, in the region they refuse to comply with the law and kill animals under the guise of rabies quarantine.

As commented in the veterinary department of the Republic of Buryatia, since 2017 only five dogs had to be killed due to rabies. Quarantine was introduced after December 24, 2020 laboratory confirmed the diagnosis of “rabies” in the corpse of a fox found on a section of a highway in the village of Vostochny Ulan-Ude.

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