Burma: the “ghost parliament” urges mobilization with “invincibility”

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Members of the opposition to the military junta in Burma, grouped together in a “ghost parliament”, on Sunday called on the protesters to continue their mobilization “with invincibility” against the coup.

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These parliamentarians – many of whom are in hiding – formed a “shadow parliament” named the Committee to Represent the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH), Burmese words for the legislative body, to denounce the military regime.

He has issued several statements since its formation, but the pro-democracy movement appears largely leaderless, with daily rallies organized by local activists.

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The interim vice-president of this Committee called for continued mobilization against “the unjust dictatorship” of the junta. “This is the nation’s darkest moment and the light of dawn is near,” Mahn Win Khaing Than said in a video posted Saturday night on the CRPH’s Facebook page.

“This is also the moment that tests our citizens to see how well we can withstand these dark times,” said Mr. Than, a senior official with the National League for Democracy (LND), the party. of Aung San Suu Kyi, and who was the chairman of the assembly under the government of Mr.me Suu Kyi.

With other allies of the latter, he was placed under house arrest at the time of the coup d’état of 1er February, according to the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners (AAPP).

His speech on Saturday would thus be his first appearance in his capacity as interim vice-president of the CRPH.

“This uprising is also an opportunity for all of us to fight hand in hand to establish a federal democratic union that we – all ethnic brothers and sisters who have suffered from various forms of oppression from the military dictatorship – have long desired”, he added, referring to calls from the pro-democracy movement for a federal democracy that would recognize a political role for ethnic minorities.

“The union of federal democracy (…) awaits us in the near future if we move forward united and with invincibility”, also said Mahn Win Khaing Than. “The uprising must win.”

The junta, which called itself the State Administrative Council, warned that the formation of the CRPH amounted to “high treason”, punishable by a maximum penalty of 22 years in prison.