Buenos Aires protests over delays in the investigation into Maradona’s death

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On the streets of Argentine Buenos Aires protesters came out with a demand to complete the investigation into the death of ex-football player Diego Maradona. They also require the authorities to punish those responsible. The protests took place on Wednesday, March 10. Relatives of the former player and coach of the national team also took part in the demonstration.

Many Argentines do not believe that there is no crime in Maradona’s death. The protest was held under the slogan “He did not die, he was killed.” Next to these posters were the daughters of Maradona Dalma and Giannina, as well as the former wife of the footballer Claudia Villafanier. They were holding a placard that read “Public censure and judgment for the guilty. Justice for number 10.” This is the number under which the legendary Maradona played.

At the action, insults were heard against the lawyer of the football player Matthias Morla. Friends and fans believe that the lawyer had a negative impact on his client. Relatives also have a conflict with Morla. He got the rights to the commercial use of the name and nicknames of Diego Maradona.

Additional police forces have been deployed to the center of the Argentine capital. But their participation was not required. Mostly everything was quiet, with the exception of small fights between the gathering.

Maradona passed away on November 25, 2020 at the age of 61. The coroner concluded that the cause of death was acute heart failure, which led to pulmonary edema. Argentine prosecutors have launched an investigation into possible negligence on the part of Maradona’s doctors.

Earlier it was reported that three more paramedics became involved in the case of Maradona’s death. New persons were added to the list of suspects in the case of the death of the athlete. They are psychologist Carlos Diaz and two paramedics Dahiana Gisela Madrid and Ricardo Almiron. They are accused of negligence.