British girl stabbed after going on a date with Tinder boy

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In the UK, a young man killed his ex-girlfriend after she went on a date with a friend from the Tinder app, writes The Sun on Saturday, February 6.

The deceased Christina Ortiz-Lozano made an appointment with a new acquaintance Vincent Breso-Biosca in an ice cream parlor, and then went to the pub. At some point, the girl noticed her ex-boyfriend, who was secretly tracking the couple in the shadow of the building, and decided to go home.

“She said he had a drinking problem and was violent. She couldn’t do anything, like going to the gym during a relationship, ”said Breso-Biosca.

When they approached the house, they found that a jealous man was already waiting for them at the door. The girl asked him to leave, but he followed her. Later, Breso-Bioska heard a scream and rushed to the aid of his friend.

Bursting into the house, he saw that the girl was lying dead on the floor, and her killer was hanging over her. After that, a friend from Tinder asked the neighbors to call the police.

The former partner struck Rodriguez-Lopez 23 times with a kitchen knife. At the same time, during the investigation, the accused stated that the murder was not deliberate. In addition, the deceased herself stabbed him several times. The investigation into this case is ongoing.

Earlier on Saturday, it was reported that a man killed two girls in Makhachkala after they denied him an intimate relationship.

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