Bring Intimacy To Your Relation With Yoga For Couples

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While yoga is usually practiced solo, bringing several benefits along with it, it can also be practiced as couples with a whole new box of advantages.

When you practice yoga as a couple, you get the opportunity to relate to one another in a much constructive manner. This way you get to explore benefits you did not even know existed while hitting the mat yourself.

So without wasting any minute, grab your partner and read more about how yoga for couples can make you and your partner stronger as a couple.

5 Top-Notch Benefits Of Yoga For Couples


  1. Develop Stronger Bonds
    Let us face it. More than ninety percent of us have schedules that make it difficult to find time for ourselves, forget about couples-time. When you are committed to a yoga practice, you are left with no choice but to take a break from your schedule and focus on performing the yoga asanas together. This helps in strengthening your bond. So sneak in and take full advantage of this quality time, you might or might not have it again.
  2. Increased Communication
    Since most yoga poses require balance, you might need your partner to have your back, in a ‘literal’ sense. And the level of trust that you need to have while practicing yoga together can start in a yoga studio.
    In order to perform the yoga poses correctly, it is quite important to lean on your partner. This will not just improve the communication between you and your partner but will also teach you to be vulnerable in times when it is necessary.
  3. Teaches You To Let Go Of Stress
    Have you ever shouted at your partner because of a fight with a friend or a bad day at work? Practicing yoga together not only reduces stress but also teaches you to let go. It helps in making you mellower so that you not just get to spend quality with yourself but also your partner without any unnecessary arguing.
  4. Supports The Power Of Touch 

    When you practice yoga with your partner regularly, the power of touch awakens. Within that power are the emotions like trust, love, and a sense of security which are very important in a relationship. This touch is so strong as it can trigger several feelings and make you get in tune with your partner more healthily.

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  1. Enhanced Sex Life 

    One of the biggest advantages of practicing yoga together can be felt in the bedroom. Studies have shown that yoga for couples assists in boosting the sex drive. It has been so damn powerful that nowadays couples’ therapists have started recommending partner yoga to create stronger and intimate relationships.

  2. Most of the couples out there have conflicts because they feel out of sync and disconnected, both emotionally and physically. When couples move and breathe together while practicing yoga, it creates a new bonding and helps in regaining the lost connection.

Let us say that you have considered practicing yoga, but what if you get no time to practice at home? Thought about the alternative? If not, try going to a beginners yoga retreat.

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