Brandon Judd: Kamala Harris can’t visit southern border because fixing issues would ‘go against her base’

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National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd slammed the Biden administration on “Your World” Monday, claiming the men and women in uniform who patrol the southern border are not receiving the “support and help”  they need to “control the issue.”

BRANDON JUDD: We continue to put politics ahead of the American public. We continue to put politics ahead of the people that are putting their hands into these dangerous criminal cartels, these organizations that abuse them. If we continue to send the message that the border is open, then people are gonna come. We’re gonna continue to see boats capsizing off the coast of San Diego. We’re gonna continue to see people crossing through the dangerous deserts of Arizona. We’re gonna continue to see people passing away because they believe that this administration is going to let them in. We have to send the message. Border Patrol agents, people like myself who put on a uniform and go out and patrol the border, we’ve never dealt with this type of crisis before. And we’re not getting the support and help from the administration that we need in order to control this issue. It’s got to stop…

If she [Kamala Harris] came to the border, she would be expected to do exactly what Vice President Pence did. Vice President Pence came to the border, saw the issue, and immediately corrected some of the things that he saw wrong. Vice President Harris can’t do that because it would go against her base if she came down and actually fixed the problem. That’s the main reason she’s not coming.

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb also weighed in on the crisis at the border, emphasizing that Biden is “just trying to appease his base” when dealing with the migrant influx and has opened the “floodgates” with his rhetoric on the situation.

SHERIFF MARK LAMB: Well, you know, he’s just trying to appease his base… There are 60,000 people that we saw on camera or that we chased in a car pursuit or with our helicopters in the first quarter in the Tucson sector alone of Arizona that got away. 60,000. Plus they let 170,000 people come in here anyway. That’s all semantics. That’s all they do is talk semantics. They continue to try to mislead the American public…  All they’re doing is opening the floodgates for more and more people to come, undermining not only Border Patrol and ICE, but the sheriffs and the other people who serve on the daily basis, who put this badge on trying to protect our communities. 


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