Boxers predicted the outcome of the fight between Kudryashov and Romanov

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The renowned boxers shared with REN TV journalists their expectations from the fight between Dmitry Kudryashov and Evgeny Romanov, who will meet on May 21 at the Khimki basketball center in the Moscow region.

According to boxer Denis Lebedev, both boxers have a chance to win.

“The chances are the same here. Romanov, in my opinion, is more tactful and intelligent. Kudryashov has a nickname that speaks for itself – Sledgehammer. I think that, after all, the weight cut influenced Kudryashov a lot. The new category will suit him, he will be more resilient, tough, he will still find the strength for maneuvers and movement, ”Lebedev said.

Boxer Shavkat Rakhimov believes that Romanov will win the fight, because he had no defeats, knockouts or knockdowns.

World and European champion in boxing and Thai boxing Grigory Drozd listed the strengths and weaknesses of the athletes.

“Romanov is a good amateur with an excellent shot, he has a large number of fights behind him, he can hit in any round,” Drozd noted.

According to him, one of his main qualities of Kudryashov is a knockout blow.

“If we talk about the shortcomings … We saw the last fights of Dmitry, in particular, with Ilunga Makabu. Incomplete functional readiness, there were bad moments in movement, technical flaws, “Drozd added.

Undefeated Russian professional boxer Alexander Besputin believes that the outcome of the fight can be decided by one blow.

“In this weight everyone has serious blows, everyone can change the vector of victories,” he said.

On April 30, Romanov posted on Instagram a video of his training in preparation for the fight with Dmitry Kudryashov. In the video, the boxer pays attention to strength exercises and uses balls.

On May 21, Romanov and Kudryashov will hold a qualifying match, the winner of which will be able to claim the title of world champion of the new division according to the WBC version. The athletes will be the first boxers to compete in the Bridgerweight division, named after the heroic boy Bridger Walker who saved his sister from a dog. The child took the blow on himself, which caused 90 stitches to be put on his face. The event is organized by the boxing promotion of the popular rapper Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) GAZFIGHT.