Boxer Kudryashov told the youth about the “right clubs”

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Boxer Dmitry Kudryashov, known as Kuvalda, advised young people to go to the “right clubs” and play sports. He wrote about this on April 29 on his Instagram.

The athlete boasted that, in response to the question of his children about youth, he would tell how he spent these years in sports and recreation institutions.

“Remember this, [вашим] children will not be interested in how many cocktails you drank in one evening at the club. <...> Go to sports clubs, ”Kudryashov noted.

The day before, the boxer demonstrated the training process before the fight with Evgeny Romanov at the GAZFIGHT tournament, which will be held on May 21. The bout will take place at the Khimki basketball center and will include a competition for the title of a mandatory contender for the World Boxing Council (WBC) champion title in a new weight category up to 101.6 kg.

The contestants will be the first boxers to compete in the Bridgerweight division, established in honor of six-year-old Bridger Walker, who defended his sister from a dog attack.

According to the champion of Europe and Russia, undefeated Russian professional boxer Alexander Besputin, the fight will be interesting and entertaining.