Boris Grachevsky was put into a coma

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Boris Grachevsky, 71-year-old artistic director of the Yeralash children’s comic magazine, who fell ill with coronavirus, was put into a state of artificial coma and connected to a ventilator.

According to the telegram channel Mash, the condition of the filmmaker is assessed as extremely difficult.

The report notes that it was connected to the ventilator on January 7. However, today his test for coronavirus showed a negative result.

Recall that Boris Grachevsky was hospitalized with coronavirus at the end of December. Then he posted a photo from the hospital on Instagram. “And here I was beguiled by an evil infection! I’m in the hospital! On droppers! ”- wrote Grachevsky under the pictures, where he smiles while lying on a hospital bed.

Later, friends of the director reported that his lungs were 75% affected.

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