Bookmarks printing isn’t difficult at all. Read these 7 easy tips

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Availing the bookmarks printing could be beneficial for your schools, libraries, clothing business, and many other such business models. What you need to provide bookmark service providing firm is data you want to circulate. Printing on both sides of the bux board or any 16pt paper stock is easier without any ink spreading issues. Moreover, a business entity can get them in standard “2×6” size in any desired design for a thematic promotion. Amazing glossy front and the silk finish back adores the people interacting with them. A business can even join multiple bookmarks through a string passing through a hole punched on the top middle.

Bookmarks have come up as an effective promotional tool for schools, libraries, churches, and any kind of business. Bookmarks printing allows notifying people prior to the scheduled events or conveying any other desired piece of information. Yet, several businesses hesitate and assume it difficult process to get an effective bookmark. However, the facts are against it. Printing them is not difficult at all and is an extremely simple and straightforward job. These 7 easy tips will help you create the best bookmarks to gain maximum attention.

Choose modern printers for bookmarks printing

One of the biggest mistakes that several businesses make is opting for a service provider firm that uses obsolete printing technology. Using such technology for personalized bookmarks printing even diminishes the charm of design customization. To avoid this, opt for digital or offset printers. Both printers are modernized to release the controlled volume of printing inks in a perfect percentage. Support of CMYK colour schemes makes them a reliable option to choose for the high-quality print result. You would not see any colour variation problems, and rich colour intensity will even inspire people while reading your message.

Give importance to size and design layout

The factor you need to give the highest preference during the process of bookmark printing is their size and design layout. Never opt for a standard size as it does not suit perfectly to everyone. You might have more data to display, and the small size will make it much congested. It would become difficult to read for people, and they would not show any interest in giving a read. Therefore, consider the piece of information you need to display over their surface. The best way to display all of your needed data in the minimum size is using both sides for printing. You can add a bit of humour as well to the structural design layout over its top. It could become possible by crafting it in the shape of any character, object, or place.

Get finicky in the colour selection

Colour selection is another crucial stage where you need to make wise decisions. It is necessary to get finicky in the colour selection for your customized bookmarks for maximum attention. A simple tip in this regard is choosing a colour according to the targeted audience. For example, you can choose the yellow and blue colours for schools and universities. Moreover, choosing the white colour is best for the events at religious places. On the other hand, black and brown colours are best for apparel and other businesses to use. Similarly, choose alternative colours for the background and textual or graphical content displayed over their surface.

Keep design simple and play with images

The design has a premium role in creating an impact on the people interacting with bookmarks. Therefore, you need to avoid making it boring for maximum advantage. Avoid occupying the surface from both sides during the personalized bookmarks printing and designing process. It will make people frustrated. Rather, keep consistency in the design elements. Give preference to the use of more images rather than text. Playful images can convey a message more successfully than printing 20 lines. Promote simplicity and use a mix of powerful textual lines and graphical images.

Focus over branding rather service detailing

The main purpose of a business should be to achieve branding goals through bookmark printing rather than detailing. Narrate the whole story in a few words so that people can understand the current information you are conveying. Your focus should be on branding. Display crucial branding elements like brand name, logo, and contact details. Moreover, you can provide prospects with the website or social media address for details. This factor will also raise online presence, and people will start following your updates at priority. Keep in mind to use fancy and readable fonts while displaying such information. Attractive typography is the key to winning hearts and inspiring to keep bookmarks close to them.

Consider the way of circulating bookmarks

The way you need to circulate the bookmarks is highly important because you have to take some steps accordingly. For example, you need to make customized bookmarks handy and less wide while circulating by hand. It will help people pick in their hands easily as they might already carry something. Similarly, punch a hole at their top centre position if you need to attach them to products. Using them like tags with the items will also benefit the promotion of business. On the other hand, you need to make them creative enough that they can fit into books if you need to do so.

Use finishes after the bookmarks printing 

Adding some kind of protection for printed content is the best decision you can take in this regard. Inquire supplier about all the possible options that you can have for applying finishes over them. Laminated bookmark printing would become a highly effective communication and promotion tool for your business. People even prefer to keep such elegantly designed promotion materials to contact later. Make the front glossy for a fascinating look while people are giving a read to the content. Similarly, a silk finish over the back will give a soft touch to the hands. One can choose the same option for both back and front for double-side printing.

See how simple was the process for bookmarks printing. You only need to understand the requirements and theme you are setting for promotion. Highlight the purpose and keep it simple to avoid prospects from distraction. It has been proved a marvellous promotional tool for businesses that helps them in marketing while spending less money.