Blue World City Safari Park : A Unique Vaccation Point for Families

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By Marilyn Royce


The impressive residential community known as Blue World City Islamabad adds elegance to your life. So naturally, the first thing that springs to mind when considering making investments is the venture’s revenue growth, but feel sure that buying estate in this scheme is one of the create favourable currently available to you.

Buying real estate in this new housing is the best option to make money, mainly because the property market is experiencing steady growth in sales and rent.

Master Plan of BWC

Master planners established Blue World City from Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company in China. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Firm is an essential international recognized for its exceptional innovations in the global real estate industry.

This significant housing development complies with global standards and uses trying to cut new tech to provide Pakistanis with healthier social and commercial conditions.

Blue World City Location 

The scheme is on Chakri Road r to the CPEC route, the New Islamabad International Airport, and the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Besides that, its location is very beneficial due to its proximity to Rawalpindi’s prospective Ring Road. Moreover, since all of the main interstates between the twin cities enclose the proposal, its position is beneficial.

Because of its prime location, BWC has become a hallmark in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Asia, attracting numerous acquisitions from domestic and international companies. As a result, it’s a great investment opportunity and an excellent place to live and make money.

 Night Safari & Zoo at BWC

You may see Pakistan’s first-ever night Safari & Zoo at Blue World City. The evolution of the Night Safari and zoo into a true jungle kingdom is exhilarating. Moreover, their one-of-a-kind location boosts the aesthetic attractiveness of the development buildings within a safe and secure enclosure.

Many species of animals, including some of the world’s most fascinating nocturnal creatures, would be visible for the first time in Pakistan. So now is your chance to meet the likes of lions, elephants, crocodiles, antelopes, tigers, jackals, leopards, sheep, and many more up close and personal for the first time in your life.

Featured Advantages

The Night Safari & Zoo is known for the following features:

  • A Trip Through the Jungle
  • Types of scarce animals
  • Kids’ Safari Playground by Safari Express
  • Time of day and night zoo
  • Protected from any threats
  • Dining establishments and fast-food joints

Other Investing Benefits Of BWC

The following are the main advantages of blue world city

Fast Paced Development 

On-site, the proposal came along rapidly thanks to the continuous operation of over 100 large pieces of machinery.

The primary thoroughfare has been in the construction phase, and the current societal main grand entrance almost finishes its work with advancement. As a result, the society’s entrance gate is now comprehensive. In addition, the culture has spent creating its horse mascot.

Streetlights have been placed entirely in the scheme, and the main highway from Chakri Highway has been finishing its work. A significant achievement for the venture is that this housing scheme is the first in the area to have authority.

The general block and the overseas block are both currently undergoing advancement. Furthermore, the community is attempting to compel students to attend college.


BG Companies, owned by Mr Saad Nazir, is creating the opulent private residence of Blue World City. This residential area, slated to become Pakistan’s first tourist destination, provides all the accommodation and services its city possibly needs and does so at a fair price.

You did hear correctly. To start giving the people of this country an opportunity to invest their hard money in their dream homes, the program’s developers created and designed the payment and installment economic manner.

In addition, the development teams just bought Blue World City NOC. Consequently, the proposal is entirely legal and a secure way to make money.

Uninterrupted Flow of Funds

Blue World City assets are likely to generate steady cash flow from rents and computations of capital appreciation in a relatively short time frame.

Profit Margin in BWC

In Pakistan, the estate industry has expanded more than ever before in the latest days, especially in and around Islamabad. In the professional opinion of Lead Marketing, it is reasonable to believe that investing in this housing scheme as a business involves generating large profit margins. Therefore, investing in Blue World City will always be lucrative and undertaken well, including during recessions.

We advise lengthy shareholders to contribute a fraction of their capital to this housing project. Also, Blue World City concentrates on a particular deluxe segment of the market. BWC is ideal for investors with long-term and intermediate-term investment objectives because the initiative is still in the early stages of development, and the first investment is relatively small. 

Moreover, this means that even a little expenditure of your hard-earned money can provide a handsome profit in the future. Moreover, because of its convenient proximity to New Islamabad International Airport, the CPEC route, and connectivity to the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (M2), the site chosen for Bwc is widely regarded as an excellent and perfect position.


Shareholders, designers, and the public who wish to live in a residential building with all of history’s accommodations surrounded by peaceful essence should check out Blue World City.

Developers, investors, and members of the general public looking for a residential community with cutting-edge amenities and proximity to lush green space will find what they’re looking for in Blue World City. Modest investors are also encouraged to consider BWC as their first and preferred option.

Smaller-scale investors should also make Blue World City their first and top selection. With Lead Marketing, it’s easy to place bets on Blue World City real estate, whether it’s for personal, business, or financial reasons.